Santa Fe Catholic High School

Santa Fe Catholic High School, Lakeland, FL    Celebrating Over 50 Years of Educational Excellence


About SFC

Board of Directors

The School Board of Directors maintains the purpose and duties of providing policy direction for all aspects of the educational program of Santa Fe Catholic High School subject to such regulations and policies that proceed from the Diocesan Board of Education and subject to the usual jurisdiction and responsibility of the Bishop of Orlando.

In the development of its policies, the School Board must insure that these follow the intent and spirit of the policies laid down for the Diocesan system by the Diocesan Board of Education. It shall have the following responsibilities:

  • To help form a faith community in the school.
  • To be knowledgeable of Diocesan policies and to see that these are implemented.
  • To identify the goals and formulate the objectives for the direction of the school in accordance with the Mission.
  • To formulate policies that will guide the administrative officer in working towards the Board’s objectives in developing the school’s education programs.
  • To advise the administrative officer in implementing the Board’s policies.
  • To review, revise and approve the plans and budgets of the school according to Diocesan procedures.
  • To share responsibility for obtaining funds necessary for operating the school. This includes establishing tuition rates and whatever fundraising activities that are necessary to balance the budgets while following Diocesan policy.

Current Board Members

Jim Hall (President)

  • Advanced Retail Merchandising, Inc.

Bob Bodolay (Vice-President)

  • Herndon & Associates, Partner

Theresa Rivera (Secretary)

  • Consultant

Domingo G. Alvarez III, Esq.

  • Law Offices of Domingo G. Alvarez, P.A., Owner/President

Robert Aranda, Esq.

  • Valenti, Campbell, Trohn, Tamayo & Aranda, P.A., Partner

Al Dotson

  • Retired Mechanical Engineer

John Everhart

  • Catholic Foundation of the Diocese of Orlando, Campaign Director

Cindy Hardin-Pilka

  • Florida Southern College, Professor of Business Administration

Andy Hernandez

  • MidFlorida Real Estate Sales, LLC

Mary McQueen

  • McQueen Marketing, President

Jim Murphy

  • Florida Sealing Products, Inc., President/COO

Deborah Schwope

  • St. Joseph Winter Haven School, Principal