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Scholarship Opportunities

AES Scholarship

The consulting firm of AES Engineers is committed to continuing its support of higher education by providing scholarships to deserving students.  This award is available to all students, regardless of their field of study.

To be eligible the student needs to answer one of the essay questions that they will find on our site at

Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of character, as determined by evaluating the essays that are submitted.

Deadline: October 6, 2018
Award:   $500.00

Further information, including previous winners, is available at: 


Wendy’s Heisman Scholarship

Since 1994, the Wendy’s® High School Heisman® Scholarship has been recognizing and rewarding senior athletes who excel in the classroom, on the field, and in the community. This year, we’re awarding over $60,000 in college scholarships. Give your most well-rounded seniors a shot at winning.

Deadline: October 17, 2018

Further information is available at:


Elks Scholarship 

The 2019 Most Valuable Student scholarship contest is open to any high school senior who is a US Citizen. Applicants will be judged on scholarship, leadership, and financial need.

Deadline: November 15, 2018

Click here for timeline, further information is available at:


Fireside Catholic Publishing

To be considered for the 2019 Fireside Catholic Publishing Scholarship you must meet all of the following criteria. Only one student participant is eligible per Catholic High School. Schools often have an internal contest to determine the school’s participant.

Deadline: December 7, 2018

Further information is available here.


Arts for Life

Arts for Life! annually awards a one-time $1,000 scholarship to 25 graduating high school seniors who demonstrate excellence in creative writing, dance, drama, music or the visual arts. Launched by former First Lady Columba Bush in 1999, the program has awarded scholarships to more than 475 gifted high school seniors.

Application Period: September 1, 2018 – February 4, 2019
Eligibility: Students who are graduating from a public, private, or virtual high school or a home education program in Florida in the spring of 2019.

Further information is available at: