Santa Fe Catholic High School

Santa Fe Catholic High School, Lakeland, FL    Celebrating Over 50 Years of Educational Excellence




Santa Fe Catholic High School has been providing educational excellence for over 50 years.

Our success and longevity are the direct result of our commitment to academic excellence and to the overall development of our students as scholars and Christian citizens.  Over the years, we have measured our success by the accomplishments and contributions our graduates have made to our community.  Santa Fe alumni have become business leaders, community leaders, doctors, lawyers, government officials, professional athletes, clergy, and responsible husbands, wives and parents.

The academic program is college preparatory.  We emphasize those courses necessary to prepare students for the rigors of college while recognizing that each student is an individual with his or her own unique learning style. We are proud of our 17:1 student to teacher ratio. Approximately 96% of our students pursue further education after graduating from Santa Fe Catholic High School. About 70% of SFC eligible students earn Bright Futures Scholarships. All students are required to maintain a 2.0 Grade Point Average to receive a diploma.

Perhaps the most impressive statistic is that 100% of our students graduate having received the solid values base that will make them good people and responsible citizens of our country. Our students become the leaders of the communities in which they live.

As a Diocesan Catholic school, Santa Fe requires all students to take one class each year in Theology.  These classes include study in Scriptures, Catholic Christianity, Church History, World Religions, Christian Lifestyles, Social Justice, Morality and Ethics.  Additionally, required community service offers students the opportunity to experience the integration of their faith in our community.

Four types of programs are offered at Santa Fe Catholic High School:

  • College Preparatory with Skills Assistance:  A program is available to assist students in developing additional proficiencies.  It will strengthen the students’ basic skills. This program is designed to enable students to succeed in the SFC college preparatory program and to prepare them for college.
  • College Preparatory:  Most of the courses offered at Santa Fe fall into this classification.  The courses are designed for average students enrolled in a college preparatory program.
  • College Preparatory with Honors:  In this program the courses are designed to meet the needs of above average students.  Because of the above grade level challenge, students with grades of C or better are given 0.5 additional quality points for taking honors courses.
  • College Preparatory with Advanced Placement:  In this program the courses are the most challenging academic courses at Santa Fe.  The courses present college-level material and conclude with students taking a nationally recognized College Board test in May.  Successful performance on the examination may result in college credit.  Students are given an additional 1.0 quality point for a C or better in an Advanced Placement course.