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 Welcome Back Alumni!

 Working on a class reunion?

We encourage anyone working on a class reunion to contact us

so that we can post the information here on our website.

Following the event we would love to receive photos to share on the

website and in our alumni publications.

Please remember to keep us up to date with your mailing information.

For help in planning your reunion,  email or address changes contact

Channon Eickenberg, by email or  863.665.4188, Ext. 255 by phone.

We would also love photos and interesting news about yourselves to share

with fellow alumni in our Alumni Bridge newsletter.

Information provided may also be shared on our Facebook page and/or other publications.

Alum Updates may be emailed to

Interested in giving back to your high school?

There are lots of ways to help.  Check out the “Support Us” tab above.